Since 2004, Clarity Editorial has been a trusted communications partner to global development finance institutions, African multinationals, governments and NGOs.


We help you say what you mean by communicating complex ideas with clarity, simplicity and integrity.

Strategic Communications

We help you think strategically about what you want to say, and get your message across clearly to the right audience.

Climate Change Communications

Clarity’s dedicated sustainability experts have an in-depth understanding of climate change. We present complex information in accessible language, with extensive experience in conceptualising large-scale communication strategies and plans.

Budget & Policy Communications

We help you communicate your budget strategy to increase policy impact, strengthen public access, and improve accountability. We also help you develop professional, collaborative budget documentation processes.

Corporate Communications

We partner with and support organisations to ensure that they communicate the intended information to varied audiences in line with their communications strategy in a clear and
concise manner.

Our Capabilities

Strategic Communications

Harness the power of words and images to speak with clarity, simplicity and

Writing, Editing & Proofing

We help you present ideas clearly, devoid of pretentious language and free of unnecessary jargon.


Our interactive writing and editing workshops can help you write to the point and with your audience clearly in mind.


We use bold images, vibrant colours, negative space and clean lines to ensure a distinctive and appropriate visual design that complements accessibility.

Meet our Company

Clarity Editorial, headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa, employs experienced communication experts who provide our local and international clients with work of the highest professional standard. We are a majority black-woman-owned firm. In South Africa, we are a Level 2 broad-based black economic empowerment contributor.


QUALITY EDITORIAL WORK involves more than a sharp pen: it demands a good ear. We start and end with meeting client expectations.


Present your ideas in a CLEAR AND ENGAGING FASHION, free of pretentious language and unnecessary jargon. After all, the point of good writing, no matter how complex the subject matter, is to be understood.


Our business is rooted in democratic South Africa. With the added benefit of EXTENSIVE INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE, we bring to our work an incisive understanding of African and global politics, economy and society.


We work with  WRITERS AND EDITORS WHO KNOW THEIR STUFF. From macroeconomics and public policy to land reform, science or the arts, we provide the level of expertise your project requires. We will help you speak clearly and succinctly to your target audience.


GO BEYOND THE MECHANICS OF WORDS. Show your readers that you respect their intelligence. Create concepts and materials tailored to achieve your goals.


WE ARE METICULOUS  – and we work to deadline.

Years of experience

Our collective experience spans A WIDE RANGE OF EDITORIAL PROJECTS AND SUBJECTS.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss preliminary ideas and to be involved in the conception of your project.